Sparks, NV – Rollover Truck Crash at Virginia St & The Summit Sends Victim to Hospital

Sparks, NV (September 28, 2021) – Authorities said that at least one person sustained serious injuries in a truck accident that occurred on Tuesday evening, September 28.

Officers with the Sparks Police Department reported that a truck and a passenger vehicle appeared to be involved in the incident, which happened around 6:00 p.m. News footage showed one car rolled over at the scene.

EMS personnel rushed to the accident site at Virginia Street and The Summit Mall to treat injured victims. They transported one person from the passenger vehicle to an area medical center.

It’s unclear if any other vehicles were involved in the crash, or if any passengers were traveling with two drivers.

Investigators are still piecing together the events causing the wreck and have not provided any other details about the victim. Police asked anyone with information to contact the SPD or the Reno Police Department.

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their families. We hope for their full recovery.

Truck Collisions in Nevada

Sparks, NV - Rollover Truck Crash at Virginia St & The Summit Sends Victim to Hospital

The Nevada Department of Transportation released recent data, which indicated that more than 50,000 vehicle crashes occurred throughout the state in only one year. When it comes to tractor-trailer or large truck accidents, the numbers are even grimmer. In fact, fatal truck collisions accounted for nearly 8% of traffic deaths in Nevada.

Major trucks accidents are an unfortunately common fact of life in Nevada. This is particularly true on long stretches of roadway throughout the desert. And when it comes to fatal accidents across the state, victims and families are particularly vulnerable in the aftermath. 

After a truck accident, those affected often cope with financial difficulties, long-term physical issues, and serious emotional trauma. Sadly, when victims succumb to their injuries, family members must deal with expensive medical and funerary costs. Thankfully, you and yours may have legal recourse in the aftermath of an injury accident.

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Personal Injury Attorney in Sparks

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