What Is the Statute of Limitations in Nevada?

The statute of limitations dictates how long you have to file a claim for damages following a personal injury caused by another party’s negligence. In Nevada, you generally have two years from the date of your accident to file a claim. That means that the clock starts ticking the second your car crash, slip-and-fall, or other accident occurs.

Once you reach the two-year timestamp, the courts will likely refuse to consider your claim unless your Las Vegas personal injury attorney finds an exception that can extend the statute of limitations. If you fail to file before the deadline is reached, you risk missing the chance to recover the compensation you deserve for your losses and injuries.

It’s essential to understand that the statute of limitations does not govern the time required to resolve or bring to completion your personal injury claim. Once your attorney files your claim, you have, in a sense, stopped the clock. This means that you and your legal team have time to investigate the conditions that caused your injuries, establish your right to compensation, and navigate the legal process. However, if you do not file your Vegas personal injury claim before the statute runs out, it will be very challenging for you to pursue compensation.

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The Sooner You Contact a Lawyer, the More Evidence You Could Uncover 

Two years sounds like a long time to file. For the best outcome, however, seek legal counsel immediately following your accident. You risk losing necessary evidence when you wait until the statute of limitations looms to act. For example, video footage may get deleted, not maliciously, but simply as a result of the need to clear storage or tech troubleshooting. Further, witnesses may become less reliable with time. Memory can be fallible; the more time you give key witnesses to rehearse their stories or absorb the interpretations of others who observed the incident, you risk the chain of events being relayed unclearly.

With so much physical and emotional strife to deal with after an accident, time can escape you. Make it your top priority to ensure you have the financial and legal protection you need to win your case. With the right attorney onboard, you will be well on the road to compensation and closure.

Dont Let Your Window of Opportunity Close 

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