How Do I Pay for a Car Accident Attorney?

Car accidents can be costly. These expenses can include medical bills and vehicle repairs on top of lost wages because you are not working. You know you need an attorney to help you maximize your settlement but worry that paying them will also be challenging and expensive.

Some people choose not to work with Las Vegas car accident attorneys, instead accepting the settlement from the other driver’s insurer. However, as insurers care more about their bottom line, their settlement amount will likely be a lowball offer–that won’t fully compensate you. If the other party is disputing fault, hiring an attorney is necessary so that you can receive the largest damages award the law allows. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, contact us at Valiente Mott.

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How Do Car Accident Attorneys Get Compensated?

Most law firms charge in the following ways:

Lawyer Contingency Fees

In most personal injury cases, which include car accidents, attorneys charge clients on a contingency fee basis. It means you won’t pay any fees until your lawyer successfully recovers money for your damages. When an attorney charges on a contingency basis, they receive a percentage of your settlement. It is usually between 25% and 40%, with most attorneys averaging around 33%. If a case settles fast, a lawyer may only charge 25%. However, if a claim is particularly complex and a lengthy trial ensues, a fee of 40% could be more likely.

Common Expenses

While most personal injury attorney fees are contingent on your case’s outcome, separate costs also arise while pursuing a claim. In some cases, clients are expected to pay these fees even if the result is not in their favor. When searching for a car accident lawyer, inquire about their policies regarding the following:

  • Expert witness fees
  • Court filing fees
  • Court reporter fees
  • Police report and medical record obtainment fees

Most personal injury firms cover these expenses during the case and deduct the total from the final settlement.

Hourly Fees

When you pay a car accident attorney in Nevada an hourly rate, the lawyer keeps track of the time spent on your case. When a conclusion is reached, you will pay the lawyer the hourly fee multiplied by the hours spent on the case. Be sure to request an estimate of how much time they anticipate spending on the claim.

Flat Fees

Some attorneys prefer flat-fee arrangements. This means they set a fixed amount to represent you–from filing your case to the resolution. You will likely not have to pay the entire amount upfront and can agree to a payment plan. However, you will have to make an initial payment.

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