Can I Recover Lost Wages After an Accident?

If you need time off from your job to recover from injuries you sustained in a Nevada car accident, you will not receive your regular salary or paycheck until you return to work. This represents lost wages and is often a significant component of the total damages award you can recover from an at-fault driver.

The Vegas auto attorneys at Valiente Mott appreciate the challenges injured Nevada residents face when they cannot earn their regular pay. We represent accident victims in personal injury lawsuits to recover their lost wages as well as other economic and non-economic damages, including medical expenses and compensation for their pain and suffering.

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How do you prove the amount of wages that an accident victim has lost? 

A knowledgeable and experienced car accident lawyer will use all available evidence to demonstrate the difference between an injured party’s earnings before and after an auto collision, including:

  • Pay stubs that show regular earnings
  • Tax returns that report the victim’s annual income and the trajectory of that income
  • Bank statements showing regular deposits of salary or wages
  • Direct testimony from the accident victim and their employers and supervisors

Even if the injured party did not have regular employment before sustaining injuries, their attorneys could use the above evidence to show a pattern of income and its interruption from the car accident.

Can an injured party recover damages for lost job promotion opportunities?

Suppose the available evidence demonstrates that an accident victim was passed over for a promotion or a salary increase due to their absence from work, or their employment was terminated because of an inability to work. In that case, a car accident attorney typically includes a claim for lost employment opportunities in a lawsuit against an at-fault motorist.

A liability insurer might reject that claim because it is speculative or too uncertain. However, a skillful personal injury lawyer will rebut that defense with a detailed argument that highlights the victim’s work and salary history with a pattern of promotions and raises.

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At Valiente Mott, we have extensive experience recovering lost wages and other damages for our Nevada car accident clients. We will argue aggressively in negotiations with auto liability insurance carriers. If those insurers refuse reasonable demands for a lost wages award, our team will pursue arguments at jury trials before Nevada residents–who understand the burden of being unable to earn a living in the Silver State.

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