High-Risk Intersections for Car Accidents in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, often recognized for its dazzling Strip, countless entertainment options, and vibrant nightlife is not without its drawbacks – one of which is the notably busy intersections that see a high rate of car accidents. The car accident lawyers in Las Vegas bring awareness to these high-risk zones, inform your driving habits and routes, encourage more mindful driving to enhance safety for everyone on the road.


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) officials regularly gather and analyze traffic data to identify problem spots across the city – a crucial step in improving road safety. In December 2023, LVMPD provided updated information from within its ten command areas, pinpointing where vehicle collisions most frequently occurred. Some of the data from that includes the following:

Northeast Area Command

The Northeast Area Command, responsible for law enforcement in the northeastern part of Las Vegas, has identified several intersections with high collision rates:

  • Lake Mead and Lamb
  • Cheyenne and [Las] Vegas Boulevard
  • Carey and Nellis
  • Pecos and Washington
  • Las Vegas Boulevard and Nellis

Northwest Area Command

In the Northwest Area Command, a jurisdiction overseeing the northwest region of Las Vegas, data shows that certain intersections are more prone to traffic accidents. Key intersections with higher instances of car collisions include:

  • Lake Mead and Rainbow
  • Decatur and Tropical Parkway
  • Rainbow and Smoke Ranch
  • Alexander and Decatur
  • Durango and Gowan

Convention Center Area Command

The area around the Las Vegas Convention Center, one of the busiest locales in Las Vegas, tends to see increased traffic which can lead to more accidents. In their analysis, officials identified these intersections as particularly high-risk within the Convention Center Area Command:

  • Koval and Tropicana
  • Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard
  • Harmon and Las Vegas Boulevard
  • Dean Martin and Tropicana
  • Flamingo and Linq

Downtown Area Command

In the heart of Las Vegas, Downtown is a blend of not only famous entertainment hotspots but also everyday business activities. Consequently, traffic in these areas can be dense and complex, leading to serious accidents at certain intersections.

The Downtown Area Command has highlighted traffic data indicating a problematic pattern of car accidents at the following intersections:

  • Bonanza and Wardelle
  • Eastern and Searles
  • Fourth and Stewart
  • Eastern and Stewart

Southeast Area Command

The Southeast Area Command is tasked with managing a substantial section of Las Vegas, and the flow of traffic in this area includes both local commuters and visiting drivers. Officials have determined through careful monitoring which intersections see higher levels of car accidents:

  • Sahara and Sloan
  • Sahara and Lamb
  • Desert Inn and Nellis
  • Charleston and Nellis
  • Mountain Vista and Russell

Causes of Car Accidents at These Dangerous Intersections

The data collated by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department provides critical insights into the reasons behind traffic accidents in these specific intersections. According to their analysis, the three primary causes include:

Failure to Yield the Right of Way

A significant number of collisions occur because drivers do not yield when they are supposed to. This can happen at stop signs, yield signs, or any situation on the road where traffic rules dictate that one vehicle must wait for another to proceed.

Failure to Maintain Lanes

Many accidents are caused by vehicles drifting out of their designated lane or making unsafe lane changes. When drivers fail to stay within the lines, check mirrors, signal appropriately, or pay attention to other traffic around them – especially in heavy traffic areas – they can easily collide with adjacent vehicles.

Disregarding Traffic Control Devices

Ignoring or failing to properly observe traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings leads to many of the accidents noted in the LVMPD data. This category includes running red lights at intersections, not stopping completely at stop signs, and driving past yield indicators without appropriate caution. Compliance with these control devices is essential for maintaining an orderly flow of traffic and ensuring safety on the roads.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a traffic incident in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas, it’s important to understand your legal rights and options. Contact us today for guidance on your potential legal options moving forward.

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