What Types of Evidence Can Support my Car Accident Claim?

You will need strong evidence to recover compensation for your injuries following a car accident. It needs to support your claim that someone else was at fault and establish the extent of your damages. Evidence could include the police report, traffic cameras at the crash site, dash cam footage, or even witness testimony. Our Las Vegas auto accident attorneys at Valiente Mott are ready to procure the evidence we need to fight for the compensation you deserve while you focus on healing. We represent a wide array of personal injury cases across the states of Nevada and Utah. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Dashcam videos

Video evidence is arguably the most powerful tool for your personal injury attorney. It is one thing to tell a jury what you think occurred. It is another to let them watch footage of the accident and decide for themselves. Dashcam videos often give a clear perspective on how an accident happened and who was at fault. This footage could come from one of the motorists involved in the crash or from the camera of a neutral third party.

Traffic cam videos

Like dashboard cameras, traffic cams can also provide real-time video of your accident. This perspective might be beneficial, as dashboard cameras capture everything from one specific point of view—it wouldn’t capture the events leading up to a T-bone or rear-end collision. This video is most likely to be available when accidents happen in intersections.

Expert testimony

Most car accidents involve disputed allegations of fault. Therefore, your attorney may rely on an accident reconstruction expert when a video is unavailable. These experts review photos, tire markings, and other evidence to determine how a collision occurred. Their testimony is compelling in these cases.

Medical records

As noted, evidence is essential when establishing fault. It is also necessary to support the financial compensation you seek to recover. Therefore, medical records are some of the most crucial evidence used to prove the extent of your damages. You could not only use your records to document how your injuries have impacted your life, but these records are also evidence for establishing your medical costs that stem from the accident.

Vehicle repair estimates

Your case is likely about more than just your physical injuries. For example, if your vehicle was damaged in a crash through no fault of your own, you could also be entitled to compensation. Again, documents like repair estimates can be used to prove what your property damage claim is worth.

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