Back Pain After Being Rear Ended: Collision Injury Symptoms

Even at low speeds, a rear end accident can have significant ramifications long after the incident. Upper or lower back pain after being rear ended can be one of these ramifications. Upon collision, your body propels forward and then immediately slams backward onto your seat, all in less than a second. A jarring impact of that nature can be a cause of back pains persisting for months, if not years.  Read on as we look into various back injuries from rear end collisions, common symptoms, and available treatment options.

How to Recognize Back Pain After a Rear End Collision

After being rear ended, back pain may or may not be immediately noticeable. This is due to the release of adrenaline—your body’s natural response to danger. Adrenaline has the benefit of increasing blood flow and heightening your senses when you most need it.  However, the drawback of adrenaline is that it oftentimes masks pain. As a result, you may not even recognize any back pain after being rear ended until days, and sometimes even weeks later. The best way to recognize back pain is to look out for some of these common symptoms:

  • Numbness near the neck or back area
  • Burning sensation
  • Muscle soreness
  • Headaches
  • Changes in normal physical functions/abilities

If you’re unsure, the best course of action to take is to always seek medical attention immediately after an accident. Not only will you receive necessary treatment, but having medical records on file will also help in any insurance claims or lawsuits that may arise from the accident.

How Long Will Symptoms Last?

How long symptoms will last depends on the individual, the severity, and the type of back injury after being rear ended. For instance, whiplash is a common injury sustained affecting the neck and upper back. Symptoms of whiplash from rear end collision can go away in a few days to up to a few weeks. In the most severe cases, whiplash symptoms can last for years. Similarly, muscle strains can be another common cause of back pain after being rear ended in an accident. To resist the force of impact, your muscles will tighten, causing strain or tearing. Symptoms for muscle strains can last for days to weeks. More serious cases of shifted or fractured spinal vertebrae may occur as a result of a rear end collision. These cases will most certainly require specialized treatment and can take months to years for recovery.

What are the Treatment Options?

Treatment options vary based on the type of symptom or back pain an individual is experiencing. Here are some typical treatment options for back pain:

  • Physical therapy: A physical therapist will work to adjust your muscles and spine to alleviate any nerve compression that may be causing the back pain. Typically patients will receive exercises to do at home to help with the recovery process.
  • Surgery: In cases where extreme back pain persists for weeks to months, surgery may be required. For example, spinal fusion surgery is a common procedure aiming to remedy discogenic injuries (i.e. damage to the spinal disc). 
  • Medication: Anti-inflammatory medications are available to help with back pain. Other over-the-counter medication, such as acetaminophen or naproxen, may also be suitable options.
  • Back brace: A back brace may help with improved blood flow and provide pressure relief for the lower back.

As each injury is unique, consult with your medical practitioner for the best treatment options suitable for your situation.

Facts About Rear End Collisions

Here are some facts about rear end collisions you need to know about:

  • Each year, rear end collisions account for approximately 29% of car accidents resulting in injuries or fatalities.
  • The most common causes of rear end collisions include distracted driving (i.e. texting, electronics, eating, etc.), weather conditions, tailgating, and speeding.
  • Male drivers aged 25-34 have the highest chances of being involved in a rear-end crash.
  • Junction areas, such as intersections or entrance/exit ramps, have the highest chances of a rear end collision incident.
  • Besides for back pain problems, other common rear end collision injuries can include facial disfigurement, head, wrist and arm, and seat-belt injuries.

Need Legal Assistance?

If you are suffering from back pain after being rear ended, you may be entitled to seek compensation for your damages. Compensation for your damages can cover loss of wages, medical treatment, or other costs like pain and suffering.  A car accident attorney is especially helpful when you exceed your PIP policy and are looking to cover these extra costs. They will help assess your case to see if you have any grounds for filing a lawsuit.  Navigating the courts by yourself could be tricky, and you could make costly mistakes along the way. An attorney can assist you in negotiating with insurance companies, completing legal paperwork, and preparing for any legal proceedings.

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