Do I Have to Go to Court After a Car Accident in Nevada?

Civil claims following a serious car accident are generally resolved out of court, but not in every case. If you are injured in a car accident in Nevada, you could be entitled to financial compensation from the at-fault party. There are different ways for you to secure that compensation, but some of those options could potentially require you to go to court.

When you work with experienced car accident lawyers, you can count on them to use their experience and skill to attempt to settle your case for the full amount that it is worth. With a negotiated settlement, you do not have to appear in court to resolve your case.

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Reaching a negotiated settlement

The ideal outcome for most people pursuing a personal injury claim is reaching a negotiated settlement with the other party. If you are able to settle your case for a fair value, you could avoid months or even years of contentious litigation.

Settlements can occur at any point during the claims process. In many cases, a Nevada personal injury lawyer could settle a case without ever filing a lawsuit. Settlements can happen early in the process, but this outcome is never guaranteed. There are also times when a settlement agreement might not be achieved until immediately before your trial is set to begin.

Filing an insurance claim

Insurance companies frequently pay out policy benefits in the aftermath of a car accident. Depending on the type of coverage you carry, your insurance company could be obligated to repair your vehicle or cover your medical bills.

You do not have to face down the insurance companies alone. These carriers are primarily concerned with their bottom line and are often willing to use aggressive tactics to avoid paying out benefits. A skilled and determined Nevada car accident lawyer can help you file your claim and secure the benefits you deserve.

Pursuing litigation

If you are unable to settle your case or secure an insurance payout, your only option remaining could be to file a lawsuit and pursue litigation. If your lawsuit does not settle, you could be required to go to court in order to secure a trial verdict.

Trial might feel intimidating, but your attorney will ensure that you are prepared for your court appearance. By reviewing the facts and going over what to expect in court, you can show up prepared to testify.

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If you are made uncomfortable about the prospect of going to court for your injury claim, you should know that the vast majority of these cases are resolved out of court. The chances are good that you could secure the compensation you deserve without ever having to testify in court.

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