What Happens When Someone Leaves the Scene of an Accident?

Whether or not you have to stay at the scene of an accident until police arrive depends on the circumstances. In some instances, there are no consequences for leaving the scene as long as you exchange insurance information with the other driver. In most situations, however, fleeing the scene of an accident has serious consequences

If a motorist left the scene of your accident, you could still be able to hold them accountable for your damages. In addition to a civil lawsuit, they could also face criminal charges. Speak to legal counsel following a Nevada car accident when the other driver leaves the scene. If this has happened to you, contact us at Valiente Mott, with offices in Nevada and Utah. We specialize in personal injury cases and fight hard for our clients to get the compensation they need to rebuild their lives.

What should you do at the scene of an accident?

There are steps you must take at the scene of an accident before you can leave. If you collide with another motorist, remain with your vehicle at the scene until you can exchange insurance information. You can also request additional information, like the driver’s name and license number, as well as a copy of their insurance. You are likewise obligated to provide that information to the other party.

If injuries or significant property damage are involved, you must also notify the police. Unless you are badly hurt and require emergency medical care, you should remain at the crash scene until the officers arrive.

Fleeing the scene

If a person leaves the scene of an accident, they could face criminal charges for a hit-and-run. It is a serious charge treated like a felony under the law if injuries were involved. As a result, they could face between two and 20 years in prison, the suspension of driving privileges, and thousands of dollars in fines. Usually, the party who flees the scene knows it was their fault and hopes to escape the penalties.

Talk to an attorney about your hit and run accident

Auto accidents in Las Vegas can be frustrating—especially when the other driver flees the scene. But that does not mean you are out of luck with your personal injury case. In addition to pursuing a claim on your own insurance, our team at Valiente Mott could help you identify the other driver and hold them accountable for their negligence. Do not deal with a hit and run accident in Las Vegas on your own. Instead, reach out to the attorneys of Valiente Mott as soon as possible to schedule your free consultation.

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