What is Med-Pay Coverage in Nevada?

Medial Payments Coverage in Nevada (Nevada Med-Pay) is an optional form of car insurance in Nevada.  Med-Pay Coverage may be added to any automobile insurance.  In short, Med-Pay Coverage pays you for your medical expenses resulting from an accident.  Med-pay Coverage is one of the cheapest and most beneficial insurance policies you may purchase! The top rated personal injury attorney, Valiente Mott Injury Attorneys, highly recommend Med-Pay Coverage in Nevada in light of its benefits in comparison to its limited cost. To help you better understand Nevada Med-Pay Coverage, our Nevada Personal Injury Attorneys will discuss below the following:

-Does My Insurer Have to Offer Med-Pay in Nevada?

-How Much Med-Pay May I Purchase in Nevada?

-How Much Does Med-Pay Coverage Cost in Nevada?

-When Does Med-Pay Coverage Apply in Nevada and Does it Only Apply to Me?

-When Can I Collect My Med-Pay Coverage?

-What are the Benefits of Buying Med-Pay Coverage in Nevada?

Does My Insurer Have to Offer Med-Pay in Nevada?

Yes!  Nevada law NRS 687B.145(3)  requires all companies offering car insurance to offer Med-Pay Coverage.  If you don’t have Med-Pay Coverage, or are unsure, call your car insurer today.

How much Med-Pay may I purchase in Nevada?

You may purchase as much med-pay coverage as your insurer will sell.  Per Nevada law  every company that sells car insurance must offer at least $1,000 in med-pay coverage. Some insurance companies will only sell $1,000 in med-pay coverage.  However, most will offer higher limits in med-pay coverage.  For example, many insurance companies in Nevada will offer $2,000, $3,000, $5,000, and $10,000 in med-pay coverage.  Some insurance companies in Nevada will even offer $100,000 in med-pay coverage.

How much does Med-Pay Coverage cost in Nevada?

Nevada Med-Pay Coverage is very inexpensive.  Typically, the coverage will only cost a few dollars per month for every $1,000 in coverage.  This protection is worth its weight in gold.  In fact, med-pay coverage is so cheap, if you only need to use it once in your life, it will more than pay for itself.

When does Med-Pay Coverage apply in Nevada and does it only apply to me?

Med-Pay insurance applies in many circumstances and is not limited to just you. Under most policies, med-pay coverage will apply to the following people and circumstances:

-you any time you’re involved in a car accident (this is where a car accident attorney from Las Vegas will help, even if you were at fault);

-you any time you’re struck by another vehicle (even if it’s a bicycle accident, this also includes Las Vegas motorcycle accidents and pedestrian accident);

-any passengers in your vehicle when you’re involved in a car accident; and

-your family members residing in your home if they are injured in an accident (car accident, bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, or pedestrian accident).

As noted above, the great thing about med-pay coverage is it applies even if you caused the accident! The following are examples of what Med-Pay would likely cover in Nevada:

-You suffer a brain injury after being involved in a car accident;

-Your husband is rear-ended in a trucking accident and sustains injury (this is where a top rated Las Vegas truck accident lawyer would help);

-You run a red-light and strike another vehicle and you and your passengers suffer spinal injuries; and

-Your loved one that resides with you is killed in a commercial bus accident and needs a Las Vegas wrongful death attorney.

When can I collect my Med-Pay Coverage?

Once you have the medical bills for a covered loss (e.g., see above for when med-pay applies).  Med-Pay will pay you for reasonable and necessary medical bills for a covered loss.  Such bills include, but are not limited to: (1) hospital bills; (2) ambulance bills; (3) chiropractor bills; (4) physical therapy bills, (5) surgery bills; and (6) funeral expenses. Of note, Medical Payments won’t cover every loss after an accident.  Such items not covered may include, but are not limited to: (1) property damage (i.e., car repair bills); and (2) medical bills that exceed your med-pay policy limits.

What are the Benefits of buying Med-Pay Coverage in Nevada?

There are many benefits to purchasing Medical Payments Coverage in Nevada.  Many have been addressed above.  The following addresses the greatest benefits to med-pay coverage:

  • You can collect on it even if you were at fault!
  • It is very cheap—you will regret not having it after an accident!
  • Unlike health insurance, you don’t need to pay a deductible or co-pay to collect it!
  • It will cover you anywhere you are and in almost any type of accident!
  • It will cover your passengers and your family that lives with you!
  • The policy limit doesn’t get divided up between you and your passengers! If you have $10k in med-pay coverage, you and all of your passengers can collect up to $10k.  Thus, if you and four passengers are hurt in a car accident, the five of you together may collect up to $50k in med-pay funds.
  • There is no subrogation. This means that you don’t have to pay the med-pay funds back when the at-fault insurance pays you!
  • Your premiums won’t be raised or dropped when you collect your med-pay funds!

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