Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Nevada

Motorcycle accidents are problematic everywhere, but in Nevada, they’re on the rise. In 2020, it was reported that motorcycle crashes accounted for over 19% of the total roadway fatalities throughout Nevada. However, motorcycle fatalities have increased significantly since then. From 2020 to 2021, motorcycle accident-related deaths in Nevada increased by 32%. It’s a chilling statistic for anyone who drives or rides. Often, knowing the common causes of serious bike crashes can be helpful for reducing the risk of being involved in them.

The personal injury law firm of Valiente Mott encourages drivers and riders to take a few minutes to learn about the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Nevada. If you’ve been injured in a crash or you’ve lost a loved one, contact our Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

Excessive speed

Excessive speed is among the leading causes of all types of traffic accidents, including motorcycle crashes. Las Vegas in particular has a significant problem with illegal street racing, and illegal drag racers are prone to causing accidents with other vehicles, including the two-wheeled kind.

Left-turn accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a full 42% of all motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers of cars making an unsafe left turn. For example, a motorcyclist may be traveling south straight through an intersection with a green light. The driver of the car may be traveling north, and then make a left-hand turn at the intersection, directly colliding with the motorcyclist. One common reason for this accident is that drivers often underestimate the speed of bikes, since they are smaller than cars, and assume they have time to make the turn. It’s an error of judgment that can have deadly consequences.

Head-on collisions

Head-on collisions are among the most deadly types of crashes, particularly when a motorcycle is involved. When a car drives straight into a motorcyclist head-on, the motorcyclist has very little to protect them. Head-on collisions can occur for a variety of reasons. The driver may be drowsy, driving while impaired, or driving while distracted. It can also occur due to poor visibility at night and hazards in the roadway. For instance, a driver may swerve to avoid a deer running across the road.

Road hazards

Road hazards are more dangerous for motorcyclists than for drivers. A driver may hit a sizable pothole and only have to contend with replacing the shocks. A motorcyclist can hit the same pothole, completely lose control of the bike, and suffer serious injuries in a crash. Other road hazards include oil slicks, roadway debris, and inclement weather. Motorcyclists may be particularly prone to hitting road hazards during times of poor visibility and at night.

When a crash is caused by road hazards that the municipality or state highway department should have addressed but did not, there may be the basis for a lawsuit.

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