Is Lane-Splitting Legal in Nevada?

Although lane-splitting is legal in some states, Nevada is not one of them. The practice is legal in neighboring California. Lane-splitting refers to riding a motorcycle between two clearly marked lanes of traffic going in the same direction. It is illegal for motorcycles to pass other vehicles within the same lane.

Because motorcycles are so much smaller and more maneuverable than cars, motorcyclists may lane split when traffic is slow or stopped to gain an advantage. Once the stoppage eases, the motorcyclist joins the regular traffic flow.

Lane-splitting is a dangerous practice and one of the top causes of motorcycle accidents. The consequences of motorcycle accidents are often tragic, resulting in serious injuries or death.

Insurance companies tend to place the fault for any motorcycle and car collisions on the motorcyclist. The Nevada motorcycle accident lawyers at Valiente Mott protect your rights and fight for you to receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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Is Lane-Splitting Legal in Las Vegas?

No, lane-splitting is not legal in Las Vegas or anywhere else in the state. While lane splitting occurs more often with motorcycles, it is also illegal to lane split in a car or any other motor vehicle.

Keep in mind that lane-splitting is not synonymous with lane sharing. The latter refers to two motorcycles ridden side-by-side within a lane. Lane sharing is legal in Nevada as long as two motorcycles are involved and both motorcyclists consent to it. Lane sharing is not permitted between a motorcycle and any other type of vehicle.

Penalties for Lane-Splitting in Nevada

Lane splitting poses risks for everyone on the road. The first-time penalty for a lane splitting conviction in Nevada is $190. However, motorcyclists may face additional fines depending on the accident circumstances. Losing their driver’s license is a real possibility for repeat offenders.

Lane-Splitting Liability

If lane-splitting by a motorcyclist causes an accident, the motorcyclist may find themselves liable. That liability includes the medical expenses incurred by an injured person as well as property damage to vehicles.

When the motorcyclist is badly injured due to lane-splitting–which is often the case–the fact that they were engaged in an illegal activity at the time of the collision can harm any personal injury claim they might bring. The motorcyclist may find themselves 100 percent liable for the crash due to their negligent actions.

Of course, there are situations in which the motorcyclist may find themselves not liable or just partly liable for a lane-splitting accident. For instance, if the driver of a car is texting or otherwise distracted and fails to see the motorcyclist passing as they move their vehicle, they may prove liable. The same holds true for a car swerving toward and hitting the motorcycle as it passes.

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