Property Damage Claims after Salt Lake City Accidents

For most people in Salt Lake City, their most pressing concern after a car accident is how badly they are hurt. While your health is your top priority, it is also important to remember that your property might have also been seriously damaged in the crash. You have the right to file a lawsuit based on your property loss when another person is responsible. You also have the right to recover compensation with a Salt Lake City car accident lawyer from Valiente Mott.

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Examples of property damage in a car accident

A Salt Lake City property damage lawyer could help you pursue a civil lawsuit. The vast majority of car accident property lawsuits involve damage to motor vehicles. You could be entitled to compensation if your car is damaged or destroyed due to another person’s negligence. The payment you receive could either repair or replace your vehicle. In some cases, the insurance company will agree to replace your car when repairs would be prohibitive.

There are other types of potential property damage claims. For example, property within your vehicle could also be eligible for compensation. This could include valuable items like watches, glasses, or expensive electronic devices, such as laptops, destroyed in a crash.

Who pays for property damage in a car accident?

The at-fault party is usually liable for your property damage when their negligence is to blame. More often than not, this will involve pursuing legal action against them. For example, they would be at fault for the collision if impaired, driving recklessly, or traveling at unsafe speeds.

Moreover, other parties could also be at fault. A car accident attorney in Salt Lake City could pursue legal action against government entities if the roadways were poorly maintained, contributing to the accident, or vehicle manufacturers if they sold a car with defective tires or brakes.

It’s worth noting that insurance papers are very technical. Before signing anything, make sure you understand the agreement. You can call your insurance company if you have questions. If you sign the papers too soon, you could jeopardize your chance of a fair property damage settlement. Overall, it’s best to have your lawyer review everything before signing on the dotted line.

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