Common Causes for Nevada Truck Accidents

Truck accidents occur far too often in Nevada. There are many causes for truck accidents including collisions with passenger vehicles, other commercial vehicles, or even fixed objects, common causes include driver fatigue, driver intoxication, negligence on the part of the trucking company in forcing employees to drive too many hours without rest, or maintenance crew errors that led to truck part malfunction.

Truck accidents can have devastating consequences due to the large size and weight of these vehicles. These types of accidents can result in serious injuries or fatalities for the drivers and passengers involved. If you have been involved in a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation for damages such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. It is important to seek legal representation to help you navigate the process of recovering these damages and moving forward with your life. Reach out to our Las Vegas car accident lawyers right away for a free consultation.

Distracted driving

As truck drivers frequently drive long distances, they may attempt to multitask while behind the wheel. This can include being distracted by music, texting, or using apps on their phones. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lack of focus on the road and potentially dangerous situations. It is important for truck drivers to remember the size and weight of their vehicle and the potential for severe damage in the event of an accident. They must remain attentive and prioritize safety while driving. When they fail to do so, dangerous accidents can happen.


Any impaired driver is a threat to everyone they share the road with. This is especially true when it comes to impaired drivers of commercial vehicles. Many Vegas truck collisions occur due to intoxicated commercial drivers. This is because the use of drugs or alcohol can inhibit a driver’s decision-making and reaction time.


Driving long hours without breaks can be tiring for truck drivers, leading to a risk of falling asleep at the wheel. To address this issue, federal law imposes limits on driving hours. However, some drivers may disregard these limits in order to increase their earnings. Fatigue impacts a person’s ability to drive in the same way that alcohol does. Fatigued drivers not only face reduced reaction time and decision-making ability, but they are also at risk of falling asleep behind the wheel.


Driving at high speeds makes it more difficult for a commercial truck operator to maintain control of their vehicle. These vehicles also require more time and distance to come to a stop when a road hazard is encountered. Speeding is a major contributor to truck accident fatalities and is more likely to cause devastating injuries to the occupants of smaller vehicles.

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