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At Valiente Mott, our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys understand the impact a dog bite can have on your life, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our team, comprising top law school graduates with a wealth of experience in significant injury cases, is dedicated to providing you with expert legal representation. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer service, ensuring you have direct access to us through text and calls, making communication easy and responsive.

We believe in honesty and integrity, and this is reflected in how we handle your case. We’ll give you a straightforward assessment of the pros and cons of your claim, setting realistic expectations from the outset. Our 99% success rate is a testament to our commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for you. With over 400+ 5-star reviews on Google, our track record of exceptional results is clear. Trust in us, as other lawyers do with their referrals, and rest assured that you’re not just choosing great lawyers but great people who are committed to fighting for your rights and well-being.

Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injuries encompass a range of physical and emotional harm resulting from a dog attacking or biting a person.

These injuries can include:

  • Puncture Wounds
  • Lacerations
  • Abrasions
  • Bruises
  • Fractures and Broken Bones
  • Infections
  • Nerve Damage
  • Scarring and Disfigurement
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Death (in extreme cases)

These injuries can span a spectrum from moderate to severe, and in extreme cases, they can even be fatal.

Notably, children are the most common victims of dog attacks and are far more likely to be severely injured, as highlighted by the American Veterinary Medical Association. They are highly vulnerable to not just physical injuries but also to enduring psychological trauma and emotional distress, particularly when visible scars are noticeable on prominent areas such as the face, hands, or lower arms.

The emotional aftermath of dog bite injuries can have a significant impact on an individual’s well-being, necessitating comprehensive support, including medical care and counseling to address these challenges.

Seeking immediate medical attention and consulting with an experienced legal dog bite lawyer in Las Vegas are critical steps after a dog bite incident. Whether your injuries are minor or more severe, our legal team is well-equipped to advocate for your rights and pursue the compensation you are entitled to.

The Challenges of Dog Bite Claims

The complexities in Las Vegas dog bite claims arise from Nevada’s nuanced dog bite laws, which require a detailed understanding of both state and local regulations. Establishing liability is often intricate, hinging on various factors such as the dog’s history and the incident’s context. The legal process involves addressing insurance negotiations, which can be difficult, as insurers typically aim to minimize payouts.

At Valiente Mott, we specialize in overcoming these legal hurdles for our clients. Our team, comprised of top-tier law school graduates, is well-versed in the specifics of Nevada’s dog bite laws and experienced in dealing with insurance companies. We focus on thorough investigation and strong advocacy, aiming to secure fair compensation that covers all aspects of the victim’s recovery, including medical expenses and emotional trauma.

The Definition of Dangerous and Vicous Dogs in Las Vegas

The legal definition of a dangerous dog is specifically outlined in NRS 202.500. Dogs are considered dangerous if they exhibit menacing behavior without provocation on two separate occasions within an 18-month period. This behavior must occur either when the dog is off the premises of its owner or when it is not properly confined within a cage, pen, or vehicle. The point of this law is to identify dogs that pose a potential threat to public safety based on their observed behavior, rather than their breed or appearance. The law mandates dog owners to be more responsible for their pets’ behavior, especially in public spaces or when the dog is not securely confined.

The same law escalates the classification to “vicious” under more severe circumstances. A dog is deemed vicious if it, without any provocation, either kills or causes substantial bodily harm to a human being. Additionally, a dog previously identified as dangerous can be classified as vicious if it continues its dangerous behavior after the owner has been officially notified of its dangerous status by law enforcement. This classification is significant as it often entails stricter legal implications for the dog owner, including the potential for more severe penalties in the event of an incident. The classification of a dog as “vicious” is a clear legal acknowledgment of the serious risk such an animal can pose to public safety.

Recoverable Damages in Las Vegas Dog Bite Claims

In Las Vegas, victims of dog bites have the legal right to seek compensatory damages. These damages are intended to cover a range of financial and emotional losses stemming from the incident. Specifically, victims can claim compensation for medical expenses incurred due to the injury, lost wages if the injury prevented them from working, and loss of future earnings if the injury has long-term effects on their ability to work. Additionally, compensation can be sought for pain and suffering, which includes both physical pain and emotional distress caused by the incident, as well as for any scarring and disfigurement that results from the dog bite.

In cases where the dog owner’s actions were malicious or particularly reckless, punitive damages may also be awarded. Punitive damages are not directly related to the victim’s losses but are instead intended to punish the wrongdoer and deter similar behavior in the future.

Las Vegas Dog Laws and Regulations

Dogs on the Las Vegas Strip (Clark County Code Title X) and downtown Las Vegas (Las Vegas Municipal Code Title VII) are subject to specific restrictions to ensure public safety and comfort. These codes aim to balance the presence of pets in a bustling, tourist-heavy area with the need for order and cleanliness. Key restrictions include:

  • Leash Requirements: Dogs must be on a leash at all times. (Las Vegas Municipal Code §7.36.030)
  • Prohibited Areas: There are designated areas where dogs are not allowed. (Clark County Code §10.36.040)
  • Waste Disposal: Owners must promptly clean up after their dogs. (Las Vegas Municipal Code §7.36.040)
  • Noise Control: Excessive barking or disruption is not permitted. (Las Vegas Municipal Code §7.36.010)

Statute of Limitations in Nevada Dog Bite Cases

In Las Vegas, the statute of limitations for dog bite cases is two (2) years. This means that if you have been bitten by a dog, you have two (2) years from the date of the incident to bring a lawsuit for any injuries sustained. If a lawsuit is not filed within this timeframe, you may lose the right to bring a case for that particular incident.

What to Do After a Dog Bite

If you’ve faced a dog attack, taking these steps is vital to ensure that you take control of your claim and receive fair compensation for your injuries:

  • Report the Incident. Report the dog attack to local law enforcement. Ensure that an official report is filed. This documentation can be crucial for your claim.
  • Seek Immediate Medical Attention. Treat the wound immediately by washing it with warm water and soap to avoid infection. Seek medical attention immediately after a bite, even if your injuries seem minor. Documenting your injuries is essential for your claim.
  • Get Contact Information. Obtain the owners’ full names, phone numbers, addresses, and any witnesses to the dog attack as well. Their statements may be valuable for your case. Also, do not forget to ask whether the dog is up to date on his shots, especially rabies.
  • Preserve Evidence. Keep any evidence related to the incident, such as torn clothing, damaged belongings, or photographs. These can support your case during negotiations or legal proceedings.
  • Consult With an Attorney. Take the proactive step of consulting with an attorney experienced in handling dog bite cases. A Las Vegas dog bite lawyer can provide valuable guidance, assess the strength of your case, and represent your interests during negotiations or in court.

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