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Broken or fractured bones are common injuries that arise from accidents. Their existence and severity are almost impossible to deny. This usually means that a case that involves broken bones could be settled more quickly than other complex cases, such as a traumatic brain injury. However, it can still be a traumatic experience—especially if the break exacerbates a pre-existing injury, or you are unable to work. If the negligence of another party has harmed you, contact us at Valiente Mott. We are a full service law firm and understand the physical and emotional pain and limitations of broken and fractured bones. Contact a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer for a free consultation.

Is a Fracture Better or Worse than a Break?

The healing time for both fractures and breaks can vary widely depending on age, health, and type of injury. However, in general, a break usually requires longer healing times than a fracture—yet both could result in extended periods of pain and immobility and impede quality of life even after a full recovery. Vegas residents should always seek professional medical attention–no matter how minor it may seem–to ensure swift diagnosis and suitable treatment. In cases where negligence may have been involved–such as a car accident or a slip & fall–seeking legal advice from a personal injury attorney is always a wise decision.

Is a Fracture a Traumatic Injury?

Whether a fracture qualifies as a traumatic injury depends on various factors. The most crucial factor is the location. It will likely be considered a traumatic injury if it’s located in an area with no prior weakness or damage, such as an arm or leg. In addition, it’s important to consider the force that caused it. For example, there are two different fractures; one is caused by falling off a bike, and another is caused by being hit by a car. In this scenario, being hit by a car would likely be classified as a traumatic injury because of its magnitude compared to falling off a bike.

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