Dog Bite Incidents: Liability and Compensation

In Nevada, as in most other states, a dog’s owner is responsible for the harm that their animal causes. In particular, if it attacks or bites someone, even if it has not previously bitten anyone else, the owner may be liable for the victim’s medical costs and other damages.  

If you have been hurt by an aggressive dog in Nevada, a Las Vegas dog bite attorney at the Valiente Mott law firm can help. Our team of dedicated lawyers can assist you in determining if you have a valid cause of action against the dog’s owners to recover compensation for your injuries. We love dogs and respect their companionship. However, dog owners should be held accountable when they fail to restrain or control their pets. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

When is a Dog’s Owner Liable for Dog Bite Injuries?

Nevada law treats dog bite injuries under traditional negligence standards. This means that their owners owe other people a duty of care to restrain and control their animal, regardless of whether it has exhibited any prior aggressive tendencies or never bitten anyone. When the owner breaches that duty of care, and someone else suffers an injury as a direct and proximate result of that breach, the owner is liable for the injured person’s damages. 

For example, the duty of care might require the owner to keep the dog properly leashed while on a walk, securely held in a fenced-in yard, or muzzled if the dog has known aggressive behavior. A Las Vegas dog bite lawyer will analyze the specific facts of each dog bite case to establish the extent of the owner’s duty of care and whether it has been breached to assign liability to the owner. 

What Compensation is Available for a Dog Bite Injury?

A dog bite victim’s damages are often reimbursed directly by the owner or their property or liability insurance.  

Those damages can include the following: 

  • Reimbursement of medical expenses to treat bite injuries, including the cost of reconstructive surgery, if applicable. 
  • Replacement of lost wages while the victim recovers from their injuries. 
  • Compensation for pain and suffering. 
  • Costs of physical and occupational therapy. 
  • Payments to replace loss or damage to any physical property, such as clothing. 

An experienced dog bite Lawyer in Las Vegas can provide an estimate of damages that can be recovered given the specific facts surrounding the attack. 

What Steps Should a Nevada Victim Take After Suffering a Dog Bite Attack?

If you’ve been seriously injured, it’s wise to follow these steps, which include the following:  

  • Exchange contact information with the owner and request information about the dog’s veterinary treatments, including vaccinations against rabies and other viral diseases. 
  • Have an immediate medical exam to care for wounds and determine if rabies treatment is required. 
  • To the extent possible, take photographs of the dog and all injuries. 
  • Report the attack to law enforcement authorities and regional animal control personnel. 
  • Promptly contact a Nevada lawyer, who will begin the required processes to recover the client’s damages. 

Call Valiente Mott For A Free Consultation

Even if a dog bite injury appears to be minor, it can lead to infections and other issues that can potentially expose the victim to significant costs and expenses. Our Nevada personal injury lawyers at Valiente Mott will leverage our resources and experience to fight to reimburse those costs, enabling the victim to move on with their life with a minimum of hardship. 

Please call our Las Vegas offices for a complimentary and confidential analysis of your dog bite case and an estimate of the damages that you may be entitled to recover. We charge nothing for our services unless and until we recover compensation for you. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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