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While accidents can happen anywhere in Las Vegas, some intersections are particularly dangerous. Collisions here can involve multiple vehicles, motorcycles, or even pedestrians. Often, the outcome is severe bodily injuries. If you were injured in an intersection accident in Las Vegas, you might be entitled to compensation. The Las Vegas intersection accident attorneys of Valiente Mott could pursue your case and secure the monetary compensation you need so you can focus on healing. Reach out to our Las Vegas car accident lawyers today for your free consultation.

How Intersection Accidents Happen

Human error is often the reason for the high volume of intersection accidents in Las Vegas. For example, running a red light or a stop sign, driving too fast for the road conditions, or rear-ending a vehicle stopped at an intersection. Moreover, drunk, and distracted drivers are frequently at fault for intersection collisions.

While human error is the most common cause, it is not the only reason. Some accidents occur because of defective motor vehicle parts, such as faulty headlights or braking systems. In these cases, pursuing compensation from the vehicle manufacturer could be possible. Our team of personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas can help you pursue a claim for compensation if you were seriously injured through no fault of your own.

The Most Dangerous Intersections In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its traffic. From pedestrians on every corner to motor vehicles clogging the streets, it should be no surprise that certain intersections are especially treacherous, including:

  • Sahara and Decatur: This intersection is notoriously dangerous due to its high volume of traffic and the mix of commercial and residential areas nearby. The convergence of multiple lanes and frequent lane shifts can lead to confusion among drivers, increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Charleston and Lamb: Known for its heavy traffic flow, particularly during rush hours, this intersection sees a significant mix of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The presence of multiple retail outlets and schools in the vicinity contributes to the complexity of navigating this area safely.
  • Flamingo and Maryland Parkway: This intersection is a hotspot for accidents due to the dense urban setting and the proximity to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus. The high number of pedestrians, combined with the busy traffic conditions, creates a challenging environment for drivers to navigate safely.
  • Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard: As a major intersection near the Las Vegas Strip, it is often congested with a mix of tourists, locals, and commercial traffic. The constant flow of pedestrians, coupled with the bright lights and distractions typical of the area, adds to the risk of collisions and pedestrian accidents.

The above intersections have high speed limits and heavy pedestrian traffic—which is a dangerous combination.

Right Of Way Laws In Las Vegas Intersections

Nevada’s Right of Way laws (NRS 484B.250 to NRS 484B.350) clearly define the right of way at intersections, mandating that drivers yield to those who are already in the intersection and to those who arrived first. This rule is especially pertinent in Las Vegas, where intersections are frequently congested and can be confusing due to the heavy mix of local and tourist traffic. Additionally, at controlled intersections, which are common throughout the city, drivers are legally required to obey all traffic signals and signs. Failure to comply with these laws not only increases the risk of collisions but also places the non-compliant driver at a higher risk of liability in the event of an accident.

Other Laws Affecting Las Vegas Intersection Accidents

NRS 484B.253 law mandates that drivers intending to make a left turn at an intersection must yield to oncoming traffic that is sufficiently close to constitute a hazard. In a city where intersections are often busy and the pace of traffic is brisk, the risk of accidents during left turns is notably high. Many intersection collisions in Las Vegas occur when drivers misjudge the speed of oncoming vehicles or overlook them entirely while executing a left turn. This misjudgment is particularly hazardous on the wide, fast-moving boulevards common in the city.

NRS 484B.257 and NRS 484B.307 require drivers to make a complete stop at stop signs and at red traffic lights. Incidents of rolling stops or running red lights are common in Las Vegas. Such actions are not only significant traffic violations but also among the leading causes of intersection accidents in the city. These collisions often result in severe consequences, given the potential for high-speed impact.

Statute Of Limitations In Las Vegas Intersection Accidents

NRS 11.190 provides that individuals who have been involved in an intersection accident have a specific timeframe within which they must initiate legal proceedings. For personal injury claims, which are common in intersection accidents, this timeframe is typically two (2) years from the date of the accident. This means that if you are injured in an intersection accident in Las Vegas, you have two (2) years from the date of that accident to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries. Failing to file within this period generally results in losing the legal right to seek compensation. The two-year window allows sufficient time for the injured parties to recover and assess the full extent of their damages, but it also serves to ensure that cases are brought to court while evidence is still fresh and memories of the incident are clear.

Valiente Mott’s Approach To Las Vegas Intersection Accidents

At Valiente Mott, we excel in managing Las Vegas intersection accident claims, offering a service that is both comprehensive and tailored to your needs. Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Free Consultation: Your journey with our Las Vegas intersection accident lawyer begins with a no-cost consultation, where our team, known for our success in significant injury cases, thoroughly assesses your situation.
  2. In-Depth Case Analysis: Our attorneys, celebrated for their top academic achievements, delve deep into your case. We use our extensive knowledge of Las Vegas’s traffic dynamics and Nevada’s traffic laws to comprehensively build your case.
  3. Unparalleled Client Support: We ensure consistent, empathetic communication throughout your case. Our focus is on creating a supportive environment, highlighting our commitment to exceptional customer service.
  4. Effective Negotiation and Litigation: We employ tactical negotiations with insurance companies to secure your rightful compensation. If needed, we are fully prepared to take your case to court. We work on a contingency fee basis – you pay no attorney fees unless we win.

At Valiente Mott, choosing our intersection accident lawyer in Las Vegas means partnering with a firm that not only offers legal expertise but also a dedication to your cause, as evidenced by our 99% success rate and over 400+ 5-star reviews. Allow us to bring our commitment, experience, and client-focused approach to your Las Vegas intersection accident claim.

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