Is There a Time Limit to See a Doctor After an Injury?

Whether you have been injured by a defective product, a car accident, or a slip and fall, there is no formal deadline to seek medical treatment. However, it is in your best interest to do this as soon as possible for your own health and to support your case. The human body can mask the severity of pain in stressful situations, which means you might not immediately be aware of how badly you’ve been hurt.

If this has happened to you, your first call should be to your doctor. Your second call should be to our team of personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas at Valiente Mott. Reach out today to learn about your legal options.

Seeing a doctor right away could improve your recovery

After a traumatic accident, the severity of your injuries may not be immediately apparent. Sometimes, your injuries might seem minor—nothing more than some pain or stiffness. However, the rush of endorphins after an accident can temporarily mask the severity of the pain. When this happens, it can take time for the symptoms to develop. This is especially true with soft tissue injuries, such as whiplash.

In other cases, symptoms can develop slowly on their own. This is common with traumatic brain injuries. The victim might feel okay for hours or even days, only to later experience debilitating pain or dizziness. This phenomenon underscores the importance of seeking medical treatment right away. Failure to do so could make it more difficult to recover fully.

Avoiding delays in medical treatment could improve your personal injury case

Getting help is also essential for your personal injury case. First, your medical care creates a paper trail. These documents will corroborate that you saw a doctor and followed their protocol for your injuries following an accident. This could be useful evidence if the at-fault party or their attorney disputes your claim.

In addition, you also have an obligation to mitigate your damages. That means you cannot let your injuries worsen without treating them. A judge could reduce your monetary award if the court finds that you failed to do this.

Talk to an attorney about your injury

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