What is the Difference Between a Verdict and a Settlement?

When the negligent party who caused an accident agrees to pay damages to the victim before a personal injury lawsuit ever goes to trial, that payment is referred to as a settlement. If the case goes to trial and a jury and judge order them to pay damages, that payment is referred to as a verdict. These lawsuits can be resolved by settlements at any time before a verdict is entered, even after a trial begins.

Our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at Valiente Mott in work hard to recover the largest available damages awards for our injured clients through settlements or trial verdicts. We also keep our clients fully informed at every stage of the process. This allows them to make the best decisions about settling or trying their lawsuits and getting the compensation they deserve as quickly as possible.

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Are the amounts that are recovered in settlements less than in verdicts?

In many Nevada cases, the evidence that supports the accident victim’s Vegas injury claims is so strong that the negligent party and their insurance will agree to settle and pay a full damages award without taking the case to trial. When faced with a strong case from an experienced attorney, Insurance companies will frequently choose to settle to avoid adverse publicity and extra trial costs and expenses.

Where evidence is less certain, or the injured party’s negligence might have contributed to the accident, they might agree to settle the case for a lesser amount to avoid the inherent uncertainties in every lawsuit. In all cases, your attorney will explain your alternatives and help you to decide how to proceed.

Are settlements and verdicts enforced the same way?

If you agree to settle your Nevada personal injuries claims before your case goes to trial, you and the negligent party will sign a settlement agreement that the court will record when it closes your lawsuit. However, if the negligent party fails to make the payments, your attorney can move to hold the negligent party in contempt and can seek further damages and sanctions. A key part of getting a court’s power and authority to support your claims is to file a lawsuit to recover the damages you deserve for your injuries.

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