Reno Poor Road Conditions Accident Lawyer

Poor road conditions cause a substantial number of Nevada car accidents, particularly when those conditions are coupled with inclement weather. Unlike accidents caused by driver error, however, a motorist who is hurt in an accident caused by poor road conditions may not know where or how to recover compensation for injuries and losses.

The Reno car accident lawyers at Valiente Mott are part of the Reno community. We have an in-depth understanding of the roads and the city, state, and county authorities responsible for maintaining them. More importantly, we have the knowledge and experience to recover damages from those authorities when their negligent road maintenance leads to car accidents that leave drivers with grievous injuries.

What types of poor road conditions cause accidents?

Poor road conditions include far more than just potholes and cracked pavement. A Reno poor road conditions lawyer will have handled lawsuits involving car accidents caused by:

  • Missing barriers and guardrails
  • Missing, damaged, or confusing road signs
  • Sudden changes in road surfaces
  • Washed-out, faded, or poorly-painted highway and road lines
  • Road shoulders that drop off suddenly and without warning
  • Rutted roads from high volume or heavy vehicle traffic
  • Roads that are badly designed or that fail to meet prevailing roadway design standards
  • Unsafe road construction zones

As in many other parts of Nevada, road and highway conditions in and around Reno change and degrade due to usage and temperature extremes. In some cases, poor or inadequate materials are used in road construction.

Poor road conditions can confuse drivers and cause them to lose control of their vehicles.  You should contact a Reno poor road conditions attorney when you believe that poor road conditions were the catalyst for your car accident.

What parties are liable for damages and injuries caused by poor road conditions?

If another vehicle causes the accident, it is possible they will try to shift or minimize blame by claiming that the poor road conditions were a significant contributing factor to the accident. However, drivers are expected to adjust their driving behavior to accommodate changing road conditions, so they may still be held partly liable for the accident.

When it comes to third parties— the maintenance responsibilities for public roadways are divided among state, county, and city governments. It is expected that government entities will post special notices and follow other procedural requirements when there are poor road conditions. Failure to do so can lead to them being liable for the damages. However, if there is adequate warning and all procedures have been followed, it can lead to your claim being dismissed.

When a government entity in Nevada fails to fulfill its obligations to maintain roads or to warn drivers of road hazards and that failure leads to an accident, do not hesitate to promptly contact a Reno poor road conditions attorney to begin the critical processes to file your claim and recover the damages you deserve.

Call Valiente Mott When Poor Road Conditions Have Caused Your Car Accident

Call the Nevada law firm of Valiente Mott to speak directly with a car accident attorney in Reno about recovering damages for your car accident. We will provide a complimentary and confidential assessment of your claim and will work hard to recover damages for your losses and injuries.

The timing of your claim may be critical to your ability to recover the largest available damages award. You only have two years from the date of the accident to file your claim. Please do not delay— call us as soon as you can after your accident.

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