How is Fault Determined After a Car Accident in Nevada?

Fault is determined after car accidents in Nevada by insurers or a trial to decide who was primarily liable. The Las Vegas car accident attorneys at Valiente Mott have years of experience. Case by case, we fight for the rights of every individual client to recover full compensation for their losses and injuries. If this has happened to you, contact us for a free consultation. Our Nevada car accident attorneys are working to make Nevada a safer place for drivers by holding insurers and manufacturers to the highest standards of safety and honesty.

Officers look for fault in car accident

Nevada is a “fault” state

Nevada’s comparative negligence laws state that the defendant can claim, for example, that though they were speeding, the other driver was distracted. Therefore, blame must be shared to some degree. This is called “degree of fault.” If the insurers or the court find that a driver is more than 51% liable, it will prevent them from recovering anything. An Investigation after the car accident determines the “degree of fault.” In Nevada, you may be found to be partly at fault, 100% at fault, or not at fault for the car accident. However, it’s common for both drivers to share responsibility.

Insurers Have Incentive to Find You More at Fault

After an accident, an analysis of the fact patterns will determine who caused it. The greater your percentage of fault, the less money you receive. As noted above, the law states that to receive compensation, your degree of responsibility can’t be greater than the other driver’s–that is, not more than half. Further, insurance companies will look for any mistakes you made. For example, you were driving five miles over the speed limit. To apportion fault, the evidence considered may include the police report, witness statements, driving speed, and weather conditions.

Your Choices After a Car Accident

In a fault state, it’s best to have  Las Vegas personal injury attorney fighting for your rights. At Valiente Mott, we are a law firm dedicated to helping personal injury victims. We are compassionate yet aggressive when protecting our clients who have suffered significant damages due to no fault of their own. Call us today for a free consultation. We take no fees from our clients unless we win.

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