Negotiating a Car Accident Settlement in Las Vegas, NV

Most car accident cases conclude with a negotiated settlement. However, there is no guarantee that the defendant will make a reasonable settlement offer. In many situations, it can take months of negotiations to resolve the case.

Our Las Vegas car accident settlement lawyers at Valiente Mott could help you recover the maximum amount of compensation allowed by law. We understand what it takes to negotiate with insurance companies successfully, and we can put our experience to work for you. We are compassionate yet aggressive when advocating for our clients. Let our team of Las Vegas car accident lawyers take charge of your settlement negotiations.

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What is a demand letter?

The first step in the settlement process involves a demand letter. It is from the plaintiff’s attorney to the at-fault party. Depending on the circumstances, this letter might also be sent to the insurance company or the defendant’s attorney.

The demand letter communicates all of the ways that the accident has impacted your life. For example, it can establish the high cost of your medical care and outline the extent of your physical pain. Demand letters typically explain how the car accident has impacted your quality of life.

They also usually include a demand for payment. These letters are a starting point for negotiations, where the plaintiff sets out how much financial compensation they want in exchange for a promise not to sue.

When do settlements happen?

Car accident settlement attorneys in Las Vegas can resolve your injury claim at any point in negotiations. Some cases are resolved quickly after the at-fault party receives the demand letter. It is common in cases where there is no dispute over who was at fault for the crash.

Most cases take longer to resolve. However, a Las Vegas car accident attorney from our firm will work hard to conclude your case successfully. Reaching a settlement in a car accident case is often possible before a lawsuit is ever filed.

In addition, many cases only settle after a lawsuit is filed. This is often true when the at-fault party does not accept liability for the accident. As litigation moves forward, the facts of the accident may become clearer. This may lead to a negotiated settlement during the course of the lawsuit.

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